What Are The Brands Of Mini Wheel Loader Equipment?

A mini wheel loader is basically one type of compact equipment that feels and looks awfully familiar. More than anything else, it looks like the mini version of a pay loader.

If you don’t know what a pay loader is, it is one type of heavy equipment that look distinct yet so common because of its attachment at the front, which looks more like a wide spoon with fork-like fingers protruding ever so slightly.

But a mini wheel loader is a lot more exciting and flexible than the regular pay loader. How? Well, the typical mini loader would be flexible in that you can change the attachments in front. Being able to change attachments means you can do more with your mini loader than simple scoop and dump.

One brand actually offers as many as 100 attachments for different jobs like sweeping the floors, removing stone, removing tree stumps, excavating land, moving the lawn, among others. With the sheer number of jobs you can do with a mini wheel loader, you can even say that is Swiss knife of heavy equipment, with the person handling it being the MacGyver.

There are many brands of mini loaders out there. The manufacturers of regular-sized heavy equipment also make compact equipment. We’re talking about Bobcat, among others. There are, however, manufacturers that specialize only in compact equipment. One of these brands is Avant Tecno USA.

Who needs a mini loader in their garage? If you’re like most people, you won’t ever need it. However, if you have a farm or you live in the rugged countryside, you will definitely benefit from a mini loader. While you don’t need to buy all 100 attachments, you do need to buy the attachments that you need. If you need help deciding on which attachments to buy, you should consult with a company representative.

Mini loaders have a distinct advantage over regular-sized heavy equipment. For one thing they are easier to handle and are durable. Aside from that, it does not cost that much to operate and maintain them.

mini compact wheel loadersIf you are keen on buying compact wheel loaders, it would make sense to get a quote from at least three stores. Just like anything else, you can save money simply by comparing prices.

Before buying equipment, read the product literature on the different brands. Some brands would offer better products than others. Just remember that compact equipment refers to equipment that has a maximum weight of 2,000 kilograms.

But if you really want to save huge dollars in buying equipment, you could also join a company as a dealer. Just make sure to have a plan for selling the equipment to other people.

I have seen a mini loader at my neighbour’s and was really amazed at how small they look. If it wasn’t so weird, I would have bought a mini loader myself and drive it around the neighbourhood just for fun, but I don’t think my wife would appreciate it.